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The Twisted World Of Marge Simpson
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Here you will find sounds of Marge. I give full credit for most of these sounds to Springfield Stars, a great site with info and multimedia on all the characters from the show, and I mean ALL the characters...

Marge's Groan

Lionel Hutz explaining "the truth" of real estate to Marge.

Lionel Hutz explaining why Judge Snyder doesn't like him...

When Marge goes on Jeopardy, Alex Trebek trys to get $5200 from Marge.

Bart and Lisa guessing what Santa's Little Helper is doing to another dog. Uh oh...

As Marge says: "your only crime was violating US law".

When Marge askes Patty and Selma to go to a ballet with her, Patty responds by saying "thats girl stuff".

Marge explains to Hank Scorpio that the house is too good for them and she expects to get the bum rush soon...

Marge calls the police and when Chief Wiggum says sending threatening letters is not a crime, Lou informs him it is.

Marge calls Wiggum over the 2-way radio. When she ends her sentence with over Chief Wiggum takes it the wrong way...

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