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The Twisted World Of Marge Simpson
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Here are some of the Marge images I have found. I have sorted them by original if they were made by me, quality if I found them on the 'net and they are good quality, and miscellaneous for all the rest. Thanks to Last Exit to Springfield for a lot of the pics.

original grabpics
I know most of these are horrible, but I don't have Photoshop or Paintshop to do it with so I do the best I can.
Marge Sitting in Bed
Marge Mad
Marge Reading
Marge as Eve
Marge the Vampire
quality images
These are Marge Simpson pics that I think are of very good quality.
Marge Angry on the Phone
Marge As A Cop
Marge With Curlers
Marge With Dress Flying Up
Marge Happy
Marge Dancing with Homer
Marge Hugging Maggie
Marge Kissing Homer
Marge Mad
Marge "Nude" with Homer
Marge Posing For Camera
Marge Reading
Marge Smiling and Waving
Marge Worried
Marge the Chef
Marge & Homer Marrying
High School Marge & Homer
Marge the Entangler
miscellaneous images
These are the rest of the Marge pics.
Back View of Marge
Marge in Nightdress
Marge with Bart's Body
Marge at the Beach
Marge with Curlers
Marge Dancing
How to Draw Marge
Marge in Dressing Gown
Marge Wearing Gloves
Marge Golfing
Marge's Head
Marge with Homer
Marge Hugging Homer
Marge with Jello
Skating with Lisa
Marge in the Morning
Marge on the Phone
Marge Raindancing
Marge Dressed as Santa
Marge Surprised
Marge the Ultramom
Marge with Birds
Marge Chasing the Kids
Marge Falling with Maggie
Marge Gasping
Marge with her Hands Full
Marge Saving the Cookies
Marge Hopeful
Marge as an Insect
Marge with Sad Lisa
Marge with Happy Lisa
Marge with Maggie and Moon
The Many Moods of Marge
Marge with Her Name
Marge with Pancakes
Marge Rollerskating
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