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The Twisted World Of Marge Simpson
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Evergreen Terrace
Last Exit To Springfield
Round Springfield
Maximum Homerdrive
The Simpsons Channel
The Simpsons Top 100
The Simpsons Tree

Here are links to the great Simpsons sites on the web.

general sites

Evergreen Terrace
Evergreen Terrace features tons of information, hundreds of images, contests, daily updates, and much, much more. This is, in my mind, the greatest Simpsons site on the web because it has so much fan stuff, like fan art, episode reviews, and fan fiction.

Last Exit To Springfield
Last Exit To Springfield has one of the largest image galleries on the 'net, including over 400 original images and 200 miscellaneous images. It also has cool contests, info, and frequent updates.

The Simpsons Archive
This is by far the Simpsons news source on the web. No multimedia, but there are in depth articles on everything related to the Simpsons along with a complete episode guide, lists, and news.

The Springfield Gallery
This site is the place to go for framegrab renderings, or grabpics as they are commonly called. They also host sites, to get hosted go to The Frinky Network.

'Round Springfield
This site is all original! They have so many original sections, from printouts of word searches and mazes to Deceased, a section telling all the people who have died on the Simpsons.

Maximum Homerdrive
This site has a great color scheme, and a lot of info along with a ton of merchandise reviews. Also check out The Maximum Homerdrive Network if you are looking to get your site hosted.

The Simpsons Folder
I feel so stupid that I didn't put this link in when I made the links page! Well now its here. This site is so great, it goes in depth behind the show and has sooo many original sections. The design is really cool too.

This site has all the multimedia you want, from MP3s to tons of movies in both quicktime and real video format. There are pics too. I just hope that Fox doesn't find this site because it is one of the few sites left with loads of movies and sounds.

The Simpsons Channel
This site has the best Simpsons links I have found, sorted by category. For example, if you want movies then click on movies and they will show you sites that have movies. They also have up to date Simpsons web news.

The Simpsons Top 100
Just as the name states, this site is a list of the top 100 Simpsons sites on the web. If you have a website, then go here and look at the top 50 sites to see what your site needs to be a great one.

Springfield Stars
If you haven't been to this site, you are missing out on sooo much! They have over 900 sounds and over 1000 images, sorted by character. This is the most multimedia I have ever seen along with short profiles for every character imaginable, over 280 to be exact.

Eye On Springfield
This site has nice original content and a clean looking design. All I can say is that its a good overall Simpsons site.

character sites

The Homer Files
This is one of those great Simpsons sites with tons of multimedia and info and interactive stuff, except its all on Homer Jay! Check out the sounds section, there are so many!

Just Maggied
Geez, Maggie got her own site before Marge! This site has a great design, although I liked the first design better. There is a bunch of stuff, go take a look for yourself.

The Long Life of Grampa Simpson
This has to be one of the largest character-devoted sites on the web! It has so many sections, from movies to framegrabs and pictures along with multiple contests and a bunch of info. Check this site out!

A Burns For All Seasons
This Mr. Burns site is an overall good character site. It has plenty of info and multimedia on our favorite evil old guy, Mr. Burns.

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